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Honey and Oil Foods

Address: 7625 89 Street NW

Edmonton, AB T6C 3J9 Canada.


Tel: 1.780.604.0642

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+1 780 604 0642

Payment & Delivery

Honey and oil Foods is an only ‘order and pick-up’ food service for now. Honey and Oil Foods will send you an interact request for your payment. Once your payment is received, you will retain the notification as your receipt.

Best Quality

All products are freshly made from scratch with natural ingredients, homemade style with no added preservatives. Frozen options are also available

Best Offers

The foods are not spicy hot, however if spicy hot is desired, cayenne is provided separately to meet your needs.

Secure Payments

You can either pay online or upon delivery, please contact us for details if you have any questions. We guarantee that our payments methods are secure

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