Who We Are

Honey and Oil Foods is a producer of home-made foods ranging from intermediate to finished or ready-to-eat products. Our product lines include pastes and purees of vegetables, legumes, and tubers; ready-to-go snack packs, and African Canadian deli. We also provide contract services and support as scientific researchers in the areas of food science and technology, and bioresource engineering. Kitchen sanitation is also at our heart, as we provide cleaning services to enable you keep your home and industrial kitchen clean and safe.

Honey Oil & Foods


Honey and Oil Foods was founded by Dr. Idy Ida, a Ph.D. holder of Bioresource and Food engineering. Dr. Idy is also the CEO, working alongside other enthusiastic team members who share the dream of making Honey and Oil Foods a household name in Alberta, and Canada.

Skip the stress

Because we care about you, our goal is for you to cook as many meals as you want in the shortest time possible. That is why we set out to prep your fresh produce for you. All you need to do is to add seasonings to our cooked and uncooked paste or purée products and apply heat. You can even tell us your purée or paste needs, and we will custom make them for you. Our snacks, bakes, and deli are also prepared with so much care, so that you do not have to worry about making your snacks and lunch packs. All our food products are always freshly prepared from scratch with natural ingredients, homemade style with no added preservatives. Frozen options are also available.

Payment & Delivery

Honey and oil Foods is an only ‘order and pick-up’ food service for now. Honey and Oil Foods will send you an interact request for your payment. Once your payment is received, you will retain the notification as your receipt.

Best Quality

All products are freshly made from scratch with natural ingredients, homemade style with no added preservatives. Frozen options are also available

Best Offers

The foods are not spicy hot, however if spicy hot is desired, cayenne is provided separately to meet your needs.

Secure Payments

You can either pay online or upon deliveryl, please contact us for details if you have any questons. We guarantee that our payments methods are secure

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